How Many Hours of Riding a Lawn Mower is a Lot?

Lawnmowers come in different types, and like any other machine, you need to know specific ways to manage them so that they can last long. This will save you from the stress of replacing parts of the Lawnmower due to breaking down and help you know how to maintain them properly. This article will keep you well informed about how long you need to ride a lawnmower and other important details you need.

A riding lawn mower can last for several years if well maintained. Depending on the size and capacity, a typical lawnmower should last between 10 to 15 years, that is about 500 to 700 hours for a small engine and more than 1000 hours for a bigger engine. One cutting hour once a week is about 50 hours per year. 

Riding Lawn Mower Types

With a lawnmower, you can achieve a beautiful lush lawn in a short time and with ease. One thing that makes an attractive house is a neatly cut lawn; this is why you need to know how to maintain your lawnmower. 

No matter how beautiful a structure is, if the surrounding land does not compliment it, that could be a bummer. A neat lawn draws good attention, like prospective buyers and customers to a place, so lawn care should be an important topic. 

a riding lawn mower

One of the major tools used for lawn care is a lawnmower. Most times, a lawnmower could just be seen as that machine that gets whipped out when the lawn needs a trim and put aside back till another time. 

There are three common types of riding lawn mowers, they are:

  • Traditional Lawn Tractors
  • ZTR Mowers 
  • Rear Engine Mowers

Traditional Lawn Tractors

These are the most common types of riding lawnmowers. They are also cost-effective and relatively cheaper than other types. They are gas-fueled and have their engines mounted in front with a steering wheel for easy control. All you need to do is sit in and steer while it cuts the grass. They are great for large sloppy lawns, thanks to their wide turn radius. 

ZTR Mowers 

They are much faster than the traditional lawn tractors, and instead of a steering wheel, you control the movement of a ZTR mower with a pair of levers. ZTR means Zero Turning Radius, and they turn more sharply. They are easy to maneuver and work well for lawns with sharp corners, architectural designs, and taking turns. They are more expensive but are good value for your money. 

Rear Engine Mowers

They are smaller in size and are typically powered by electricity, although some make use of gas. They are great for smaller lawns because they do not cut as fast as other mowers. The engine is located in the back below the seat, as the name implies. Their small sizes make them easy to store. They are also the cheapest type of riding mowers on the market. 

What To Consider When Buying a Lawn Mower

Different kinds of lawnmowers are suited to different lawn types. Do you have a large or small lawn? Does your lawn area have sharp corners that need to be reached? What is your budget, and how many hours would you use the lawn per routine? Some factors need to be considered to make the right choice, and they are listed  below:

  • Fuel Choice

You can choose either electric mowers or gas-powered mowers. The advantage of an electric mower is that it is safer for the environment as they do not release smoke and fumes. It is also healthier and more comfortable to work with because you do not have to inhale or smell fumes. If you live in a neighborhood with little tolerance for noise, or if you cannot bear the noise gas-powered ones make, then it is best to consider an electric mower. However, gas-powered mowers have their advantages. They are more efficient and have better cutting power compared to the electric ones. They can also work for a longer time, especially if your lawn is big. 

  • Lawn Size

If you have a big lawn, you want to go for a mower with speed, durability, and easy maneuvering. The fitting choice for big lawns will be riding lawn mowers. They are easier to operate, and you spend less time doing the job than with manual lawnmowers. 

  • What Kind Of Grass Makes the Lawn

For long rough grass types, rotary blades work best, but you can adjust the blades on most lawn mowers according to grass length. Low lift braids are suitable for short dry grass on sandy beds. 

  • Budget

You can get a good mower on a budget but make sure it provides the necessary features such as power, efficiency, and durability. Mowers are priced according to their features and performance, but you can get a good deal for a good price. 

  • Maintenance and Safety

Look out for mowers with features that are easier to use and maintain. Also, consider maintenance costs. It is best to go for a durable brand that will save you frequent maintenance and repair costs. The average warranty on lawn mowers is one year. 

a man on a riding mower

How long should a riding mower last?

The average mower, with proper maintenance, should last up to 15 years. However, different components make up this machine and contribute to its lifespan. Some factors determine how long a riding can last:

  • Maintenance

Just like any other machine, how you use a lawnmower plays a big part in how long it lasts. Lawnmowers require proper care, regular oil checking and changing, and filters need to be cleaned out as well. Using the right ones for the right type of grass matters too. For example, if the lifespan of a small mower is 1000 hours, but it is used for a large lawn with long thick grass, the lasting hours will be reduced to about 700 hours or worse. 

  • Size of the Engine

A larger engine will work for a longer period than a small one. Also, engines can vary according to the number of cylinder pistons. A two-cylinder piston will last twice as much life as a single-cylinder piston because the workload is reduced. The hour rating of a mower is related to the engine life. 

  • Quality and Make 

You can be assured of durability if you go for trusted brands. Here are some recommended top riding mowers in the market. 

John Deere S180: Highly recommended for its wide cutting path, adjustable blades, and V-twin engine. 

Troy-Bilt TB30 R: Affordable, light, efficient. 

Cub Cadet RZT-L: small size, fast, easy to store, zero-turn technology. 

Husqvarna YTH: small size, powerful, easy to store, cruise control, special air conduction system. 

Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1: dual cylinder engine, powerful, a deck designed for rigidity.

  • Other Factors

Blades: Blades need to be sharpened occasionally to last long. Every 60 hours, about six-time is recommended before replacement. 

Gas tank and oiling: Check the engine from time to time for oil levels and replace it when necessary. 

Carburetor: The carburetor tends to break down 2 to 3 times during the lifespan of a riding mower. You might need to replace or repair when this happens.

Rusting: Avoid leaving your mower in the rain to prevent rusting. Rusting will cause the components to wear and tear and thus, affect their durability. 

How To Maintain a Riding Mower 

  • Clean the mower parts such as the deck, the blades, and the body. Raise the hood and use a brush to remove any dirt stuck in it. Check the deck and clean any grass bits that are clogged there. You can also use a garden hose to flush out dirt from under your riding mower. 
  • Clean and replace your air filter from time to time. After moving frequently, the air filters can accumulate dirt, so they need cleaning. Remove the filter, clean the area and replace it with a clean air filter. 
  • Change the engine oil regularly. To do this, unscrew the plug from the drain funnel and check the oil. If the oil is old, release it into a container and fill your engine with the new oil and screw the plug back. 
  • Lubricate the moving parts of your riding mower with oil to prevent wear and tear caused by friction. 
  • Check and replace mower belts and spark plugs. Spark plugs need replacement about once per season for a better start and fuel use. Mower belts tend to wear out on numerous uses; if it is slacked or damaged, you can simply buy a replacement from your local dealer and replace them easily. Mower belts are easy to install using a screwdriver. 
repairing a lawn mower


How long should a riding mower last?

Depending on the engine, a single-cylinder riding mower should go for 700 hours or more. Larger engine types can last for up to 1800 hours.

Where can I buy a riding mower?

You can easily purchase a lawnmower from home improvement stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot, and the like. You can also walk into your local Walmart store or order from Amazon. 

How long does it take to charge an electric riding mower?

Small electric mowers need about two hours to reach full charge; larger riding types can take up to three hours for a full charge. The manufacturer’s manual will contain details on how to charge and the recommended period. 

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