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LawnFertilizers.com is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to improve the health and appearance of their lawn. From selecting the right grass seed to combating pests and diseases, we’ve got you covered. Our expert team has compiled a comprehensive collection of guides covering all aspects of lawn care,

Learn how to properly fertilize your lawn with our comprehensive guides covering all aspects of lawn fertilization

Discover the proper techniques for mowing your lawn and maintaining a healthy, beautiful lawn with our expert guides

Find the perfect grass seed for your lawn with our comprehensive guide covering the various types of grass seeds available and their best uses

Eliminate weeds from your lawn and keep them at bay with our expert guides on identifying and controlling common lawn weeds

Improve the health of your lawn by understanding the importance of soil and how to properly care for it with our helpful guides

Learn how to install sod and properly care for it to achieve a healthy, beautiful lawn with our comprehensive guide on lawn sod

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hands holding some brown compost
Fertilizer | Grass

Compost vs. Fertilizer: What’s the Difference?

The main difference between compost and fertilizer lies in how they work to improve the growing conditions for your plants. Fertilizer has the primary use of delivering concentrated doses of specific nutrients directly to plants; compost is instead more of a multipurpose substance that mainly benefits the structure and nutrient content of the soil. Serving…

a dog sitting on a weedy lawn
Grass | Weeds

How Long to Keep Dog Off Grass After Spraying Weed Killer?

As a responsible dog owner, it’s important to be aware of the potential harms of any product you use in your outdoor spaces. Herbicides are one such product; containing harsh chemicals that are toxic to plant life, this leads to the question of their toxicity to your pets. As a general rule of thumb, you…

dark green grass

Why Isn’t My Grass Growing? Common Causes and Solutions

There are a host of different reasons why your grass may not be growing. The most common reasons for slow or non-existent grass growth are grass dormancy, improper watering, a lack of sunlight, an incorrect soil pH, or a lack of nutrients in the soil. Other reasons that could impede grass growth include soil compaction,…

a puppy sitting on a grassy lawn

Why Does Dog Pee Kill Grass? (& How to Fix Grass Where Dogs Pee)

Like humans, dogs urinate as a way to expel waste nutrients they consume from their diet. Being creatures of habit, dogs also tend to pick the same spots for their daily potty breaks. If your pup (or someone else’s pup) repeatedly urinates on your lawn, it won’t be long before you start to see the…

green grass blades covered in droplets of water
Grass | Watering Guides

Does Watering Grass in the Sun Burn it?

One of the most common gardening myths is the idea that watering grass in the sun can burn the grass blades. Many homeowners are under the impression that water droplets on grass can refract light, increasing the sun’s intensity to the point where it burns the grass blades. Although the science behind this concept seems…

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